Customized products
for all your sheet metal needs
in the Gatineau / Ottawa region.

Custom bent trim

The employees at Tôlerie Outaouais are specially trained to custom bend steel into all kinds of shapes, especially metal trim and edges for roof and window perimeters. We fill all of our customers’ orders carefully and consistently in our workshop to guarantee satisfaction every time.

Manufacturing chimney gables and flashing

Our steel sections enhance the appearance of all chimneys and offer ideal protection against bad weather. Our roof gables can take any shape you want and become the centrepiece of your roof. Tôlerie Outaouais is also an expert in the custom manufacturing of flashings that will ensure that your buildings have the perfect seal.

Sale of steel roof and wall coverings

Both classic and modern, our steel sheet coverings are made to last and require very little maintenance. They’re also an excellent choice for the environment, unlike other materials, like asphalt shingles, that end up in landfills. Thanks to our well-established suppliers, we can offer a wide range of styles of coverings to add the perfect finishing touch to any building. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the different types of sections that we can suggest to you.

Delivery and installation

Tôlerie Outaouais works hard to provide you with the steel products that you need quickly and according to your specifications. You can count on our reliable and diligent employees to fill your orders without errors or delays. Tôlerie Outaouais can also recommend qualified, trusted contractors to install our products perfectly. That’s another reason to trust Tôlerie Outaouais to guarantee the quality of your projects.

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