About us

Tôlerie Outaouais was established a little over seven years ago and hasn’t stopped growing since. The company relies on an experienced, dynamic, and hard-working team to deliver the highest quality products to construction contractors in the region. We pride ourselves on offering the best in metal sheeting so that you get a professional and flawless final result.

We can fill your orders with the utmost accuracy thanks to our new, state-of-the-art digital equipment. You’ll get an impeccable product that meets your expectations on all points.

What’s more, there’s no wait when you put in an order, because we can start working immediately and even offer service outside of normal business hours.

Whether you’re looking for roof or wall coverings, chimney gables, roof edges, or any other type of custom bent steel product, Tôlerie Outaouais can offer you an appropriate and durable solution. Opt for quality, reliability, and diligence by doing business with us for all your projects!